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Here is the Petzvar 4/120 petzval lens for Hasselblad cameras. Unlike the Petzvar 3.8/120, which was made shutterless, the Petzvar 4/120 is built around vintage Synchro Compur shutter of old Sonnar 4/150 "C" lens. Therefore, Petzvar 4/120 can be used on both, 500 "V" series and focal plane 200 series Hasselblad cameras.

The lenses with central leaf shutter ( hence "C" ) were produced from 1957 till 1970 in large numbers and their quality is very high. They are still available and after proper CLA can be used for many more years.

The optical scheme of Petzvar 4/120 is the same as of 3.8/120, and the difference in maximum aperture is dictated by the leaf shutter.
Please, note, the shutter speed selector of the 2000 or 200 series focal plane cameras should be set at C setting when used with Petzvar 4/120 lens, just like with any other C lens.

Here is an image taken with the lens at f/4

And these frames were taken at f/5.6

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