To the cameras

The Kiev-88CM is the latest product of the Arsenal Factory. As it's predecessors, it's a fully mechanical 6x6 medium format SLR camera. It's major difference to the previous Kiev 80 model is the use of the Pentacon Six (P6) breach bayonet mount. In addition, it now has a black cloth shutter and flocked interior for quieter and more reliable shutter action and less reflections within the camera body. It has newly designed film backs called "NT" (new type) which are much easier to load than the old ones. With the Pentacon Six mount, you can use many different lenses. Arsenal Factory's own lenses (make sure you get them with Pentacon Six (P6) mount, not with the Kiev-88's "B" mount). Also, there are the East German Carl Zeiss Jena lenses, or Schneider-Kreuznach lenses made for the Exakta-66 camera.
Here is a list of the lenses with P6 bayonet mount: