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Polaroid 110 Pathfinder and Fuji Instax 210 camera conversion. It looks somewhat crude, this is a sort of trial version, that I have built just to check, if that is a good idea, or not. I have seen attempts to pair the original Instax 210 with the proper lens, but I do not think it is a good idea, cause the focusing problem stays unsolved. Therefore, the only way to do that is to integrate the range finder camera and Fuji's film holder, bypassing existing electric circuit in order to use the rollers.

That silver box on the top of the camera, right next to the coupled range finder of the 110 Pathfinder, once used to be a Polaroid's J66 view finder. Now it holds the little laser, that projects the beam into the range finder housing, where it is getting split by the mirrors. The beams projected by the finder are bright enough to be seen even under the bright day light conditions, which makes the focusing an easy task. Also, I have added a hot shoe, allowing the camera to use a compact flash or the studio strobe radio trigger/transmitter.

There were also questions about the possibility of making Instax Wide to 4x5 camera adapter. It might be possible, but the distance from the base of the holder to the actual film plane will be different, from what regular holders have. Therefore, there will be a chance to use it, with a little adjustment of the range finder, but no way to use the ground glass, unless the different focusing panel is built.

I have bypassed the Fuji's circuit and utilized the existing release button to activate the rollers. The only problem is that there is no limit switch of any kind ( or, at least I have not found it) and I have to depress the button at the time, when the film is passing the rollers all the way. But it is not that hard and I have not wasted a frame yet.

The Fuji's Instax Wide film is a decent replacement for unavailable Polaroid integrated film. It has a great resolution, color range and is similar to the original Polaroid frame size.

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